***********We currently have no scheduled Raves ***********

                          FOR MORE INFO, CALL 450-978-9922                   



Need a place to hang out late night with friends?  Come try out our raves; you'll be playing late into the night. You arrive at 8/9pm and start a night of laser tag fun that lasts until 2am the next morning.

All type of exotic games are played during Rave Nights. Elimination, King, Capture the Flag and Base Retaliation are just a few examples of how Rave Night takes your Darkzone experience up to a new level. These advanced games test all your abilities as an advanced player and the excitement of new game formats keep you going from dusk till dawn!

Please note that after Midnight, it is considered a 'lock-in'. The shopping centre doors are locked, and if you need to leave the staff can allow you to exit, but you will not be allowed re-entry. No entry into a Rave Night after 11:30pm.

Rave Nights are typically held on Saturday nights, but depending upon the time of year, these dates vary. We are able to accommodate private groups any night of the week, but do require a deposit and minimum 10 day advance booking. Private groups must be a minimum of 40 players, with a $250 deposit required on reservation. Private groups are considered community groups only, such as: Scouts, Cadets, Venturers, sports, schools, ect.

Call the site for more specific info on these unique, fun-filled nights!



Please take note that previously we hosted 'Nuit Blanche' nights that went to 8am the next morning.

Due to policies of the Galeries Laval administration, we can no longer stay open all night. We regret the inconvenience.

Here are some posters of the upcoming Rave Nite should you want to print and show to any of your friends that might want to join in!