First, you'll be led into a briefing room. In the tiered seating area, your guide will explain the objectives of your mission and the perils you will face in the Darkzone.

You can sneak a glance at the other two teams you will be competing against. Your mind will race as your guide leads you through the rules of the game and instructions on how the Darkzone is played. Your guide will explain how to score points by stunning or deactivating the opposition or destroying an enemy base.

After the briefing comes the moment of truth. You are ushered into the vesting room, where you and your team mates don your colour-coded computerized vests and phasers. The atmosphere is tense with steely determination. Eyes glance down at the vests to check the LCD readout for the personal vest numbers. The signal is given - Red Team, Yellow Team, Blue Team....into the airlocks...5 seconds before the game start.....

4...3...2...1....Start the game!!!....

You are now separated into friend and foe, isolated in a small, quivering chamber, and left to ponder your fate as the game begins. Suddenly all lights go out and you are surrounded by darkness, buzzers sound and the airlock door silently slides up and you are to enter the Darkzone. Your team pours out into an eerily lit, fog filled maze, accented by black lights, spinning beacons, and heart pounding music. Sirens, buzzers, music and lights all assault your senses.

This is it. This is Darkzone!

It doesn't take long to become disoriented. To lose track of home base. To run across foes who love to spray random laser blasts at all who stray too near. Whoa! A red beam of light pierces the darkness and just misses your arm. You turn to see a shadow with glowing lights disappear into the darkness. Time to find cover in a dark corner, or behind a wall, but....too late. A direct hit! Your vest vibrates and your lights extinguish as you pay the price for your mistake - deactivation. The eight second deactivation time will seem like an eternity, but before long your vest will re-energize and you will return to action!

After an intense and action-packed mission, the final siren sounds, 18 minutes since the debut of your mission, and sweating and panting you exit the arena. After attaching your phaser and hanging up your vest, you return to reality to receive your individual, computerized scorecard. As the game scoreboard finished calculating the games final result arms fly up in the air and cheers of 'We Won!! We Won', fill the lobby. That adventure is over, but now it is time for another ultimate Laser Adventure!


About Our Equipment:

A Quick Q&A 


We are constantly asked about our equipment, and if it poses any risks to the players. It is a fair question and deserves an answer that is readily understood, yet does not give away all the secrets behind the great game of Laser Tag.

First, the most asked question is - Can the laser harm your eyes, or do you need to wear eye protection?

To both questions, the answer is ........NO!

The 'Phasors' are actually a dual-mode device. Once the trigger is activated, the Phasor performs two separate functions. The first is to emit an invisible beam that 'deactivates' other players and base stations, or 'outposts'. When targeted, these devises record the 'hit' as to which player caused the deactivation. This is how the Vests and Outposts interact in the game to create a point scoring system. This 'beam' is the same as the one emitted by your TV remote control. Although you cannot see it, you are sending information to a receptor in the TV, and in no way harming either yourself or anyone else around it. Secondly, the 'Phasor' has a second function, and that is to send out a beam of light that enables the user to see where his Phasor blast goes, and also to show the enemy that he is being targeted. The beam of light you see is enhanced by the use of Fog. By using a fog, you can see the beam of red light for a great distance. The beam of light emitted by the 'Phasor' is actually a concentrated light created by an 'LED' (light emitting diode), to create a laser effect. The beam of light is not intensive enough to harm the eye. The Phasors are designated a "Class IIa" laser product as compared to Laser levellers used by builders and contractors that are designated a "Class IIIa" laser product. The following is an extract from ANSI (American National Standards Institute):        

Class 2 Laser (Low Power)

A Class 2 laser emits light in the visible portion of the spectrum (400-700 nanometers), and eye protection is normally afforded by the normal human aversion response to bright radiant sources. It may present some potential for hazard if viewed directly for extended periods of time. (Our Phasors emit IR for less that one second)

The second most frequently asked question is, Can my kid get hurt?

This is one of the easiest ones to answer. We have very strict guidelines on the playing format. There is a briefing set out before every game outlining the rules and conduct demanded during every game. First, NO PHYSICAL CONTACT! No player is allowed to touch another player during the game. You are not allowed to block or impede any other player. Next, NO RUNNING! The Maze is a vast area of corridors, turns, dead-ends, as well as loud music, spinning lights, black lights, fog and other sensory enhancing effects. You will have a far greater appreciation of the game if you play with 'stealth' rather than speed. Next, NO CLIMBING! This is self explanatory. And lastly, probably the most important, RESPECT YOUR GUIDES AND OTHER PLAYERS! It is not wise to 'lose your cool' during a game. Any behaviour that is deemed unacceptable by the guides will cause them to deactivate your vest and escort you from the playing area. Depending on your situation, you may be ejected from the site. There are no refunds!!!  So, to answer the question, NO, your child should not get hurt under normal playing circumstances, and in several years of operation, we have had only a few minor incidents.

Another question we are frequently asked is: What is the minimum age to play at Darkzone? 

Well, in general terms, we require that the child be at least 6 years old. Why 6? Well, that is the age that seems to set apart the young ones: 1) that have difficulty understanding the requirements and rules to play the game, and 2) are at the size where the wearing of the equipment is not uncomfortable. (The Vest and Phasor combined equal only 7 lb. The third reason is the most important! Some young children do not readily possess  the capacity to distinguish between fantasy and reality. The Darkzone game, with all its enhancements is meant to create a feeling of exhilaration for the players and some young children feel threatened by so much input at once. They also feel threatened by being targeted by other players, and they do not yet possess the cognitive skills required to play the game properly without being overwhelmed.  We have had thousands of Hockey, Birthday and Daycamp children at 6 years old, and it is rare that they abandon a game, so that is the age limit we set.

If you do want your 5 year old to try the game, be warned, a Supervisor will try to change your mind, but bearing that, and you want to forge ahead - be advised in advance: There Are No Refunds!

Another FAQ: If my kids are going to stay there all day (ŕ Volonté), is there somewhere they can eat? 

We have locker rentals for an hour($2) or for the entire day ($4). (You will need to leave some form of identity card for the key deposit). The lockers are large enough for two or three kids to store their stuff, and tables are available in the lounge for lunches, ect. If you bring a cooler, a warning, they do not fit in any lockers and you leave them at your own risk! We do not supervise personal belongings.

What type of clothes should I wear? 

Darkzone is an extremely strenuous sport. Every game will leave you hot, dehydrated and breathless. No matter what time of the year, one thing is sure, you will sweat in abundance after your game. So, the lighter the clothes, the better. If you intend to spend the day, Shorts and a T-Shirt are a great choice. (We have large bathrooms that can be used as a changing area).