The Ultimate Birthday Party!

                                                       The Ultimate Birthday Party!

    You will receive the following with your Birthday Package:

                                - a full day of Laser Tag (unlimited)

                  - a private party room for 45 minutes for the meal

                  - a meal consisting of all you can eat pizza and soft drinks                              

                                    - cheese, pep-cheese, all-dressed, vegetarian

                  - use of a fridge for your birthday cake (sorry, not for drinks)

                  - a large 13 x 19 photograph of the group (extra photos $10)

                  - free posting on the site to download and print photo at home

                  - a hostess in the party room to aid with the meal

                  - guide(s) in the game to watch the kids during games


                  - and last, but not least, a day full of wonderful memories 


                                                            print your own invites /

   or we can mail them out to you via Canada Post




                                    We have 2 different private party rooms to serve you groups size and needs

         Salle 'A' has a 12 person capacity, we call our family room (if you have younger guests, we can squeeze in extras)


                                 Salle 'B' has a 50 person capacity, ideal for large groups and sports teams.



  • Birthday Parties at Darkzone are a blast! From the moment you arrive, until the time of departure - we try and take the hassle out of creating the perfect party for that special person. We have been organising birthday parties for more than eighteen years, so we have done our best, through experience, to get it right.

    We know and understand the kids perspective, of what they want and what they expect. The platform for the day, is of course Laser Tag. Kids seem to have the ability to play Laser Tag at Darkzone non-stop, without tiring - so we run games back-to-back. Quite simply, we do not tolerate delay. As soon as one 18 minute game is finished, we strive to begin another one, WITHIN SECONDS!!! As the kids are able to be entertained, through Laser Tag, we feel that it is imperative that the games are downloaded, and a new adventure starts as rapidly as possible.

    Our well trained guides literally force you, military style, to move forward, vest up, enter the airlock, and prepare for your own Laser Adventure. To some, the centre revolves around an atmosphere of chaos - but to the staff here, our objective is to make any delay you may have to experience as short and enjoyable as possible.

    Out of this experience, the kids see and understand that we are working hard for them, in order to provide the perfect day for their birthday party. We strive to prepare the party room for the specific reserved time, and have the food available on time, so there are no surprises (except what is inside the birthday presents!)

    One thing we pride ourselves on, and will continue to do so - is that we continually see the same faces (albeit 1 year older), every year. The fact is evident that we do the best job we can, based on the amount of return cliental we are fortunate to have. Darkzone has, for many families, THE PLACE to celebrate kids' birthday parties, and in some instances we are now tradition. And, as witness on the 'Birthday Photo Page', you can see we have had the privilege to host a vast amount of Parties. We truly believe we are the best at what we do, and we would like to thank all the families that have entrusted us to make their party the best it could be!


    1) At Darkzone in person. You can make a reservation, and at the same time pick up an Invitation Card pack, which includes 10 printed Invitation Cards, envelopes and a few other pre-visit goodies. A deposit of $137.73 ($29.95 x 4 plus taxes). We accept payments in cash, Interac, Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club or Discover.

    2) On the telephone, during regular business hours, using Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club or Discover to pay the $137.73 deposit ($29.95 x 4 plus taxes). We can mail out an Invitation Pack - normally 2-3 days via Canada Post.

    In both cases, in order to complete your reservation, which is guaranteed, a deposit is required and mandatory at time of booking.

    There are no deposit refunds for cancelled or no-show reservations. Under some circumstances, if availability exists, we can move your reservation to another date at no additional charge.


    See ya soon!!






    A Note Concerning Your Privacy

When completing a reservation via telephone, you are required to leave a deposit of guarantee for the package of your choice. We would like to reassure you that at no time is your Credit Card information added, submitted or formulated into a database of any kind. We record your numbers manually and all personal credit information is SHREDDED the following week.

You can rest assured that there is no possibility what-so-ever that any personal information submitted to Darkzone Laval, whether credit info, addresses or phone numbers at the time of reservation are ever divulged, sold, traded or distributed that puts you at risk. We respect your privacy.

All transactions on site are processed by Moneris Solutions and we retain no database in regard to sales transactions, other than the Merchant Transaction Record, which blocks out a portion of your card particulars

    Thank You